Why choose our natural skincare products​​?

What we choose to put on our skin goes directly into our bodies. Most people nowadays care about eating healthy and what they choose to put into their bodies by way of food. But too few people think about what they’re putting onto their skin, which in turn is going into their bodies.

The average beauty product contains mostly chemicals such as triclosan, fragrance, phthalates, parabens, avobenzone, sulfates, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, P-phenylenediamine, microbeads, toluene, and propylene glycol. A great number of chemicals can be listed under the term “fragrance” alone allowing companies to add chemicals and not have to list them. The EU has banned 1,300 chemicals from beauty products while the US has only banned 12. We need to read labels and be aware of what we are choosing to put on our skin. The average woman uses 20 beauty products a day including makeup, which adds up to around 168 different chemicals a day. It’s said that the chemicals found in the average beauty product is safe to use in the small amounts that are found in each product, but what happens with continued use over time? With prolonged exposure, these chemicals can build up in our systems causing disease and allergic reactions.

Our natural skincare products work with your body to improve the condition of your skin all while not causing any side effects or harm. Most natural skincare products contain nourishing antioxidant ingredients that your skin loves rather than chemicals that can potentially cause free radicals that can further age your skin.  Natural products are simply derived from natural sources without added synthetic compounds. All of our ingredients were grown without pesticides, bioengineered genes, or petroleum-based fertilizers, which could be toxic to our bodies and the environment. When ingredients are natural and organic, everything is naturally scented. You will notice a difference in the tone and texture of your skin. Taking our beauty practices back to nature has proven that our skin craves the gentle and nourishing benefits of plant-based ingredients.

Choosing to use our natural skincare products is also better for the environment. Purchasing an organic product potentially removes a chemically laden product from being used. This means that toxic ingredients washed down the drain are not disrupting our delicate eco-systems.

Our natural skincare products are also cruelty free - never tested on animals; there’s no need with organic plant-based ingredient. Animals are cute enough already.

Making the switch by adding into your routine our natural skincare products is a great way to start. You’ll see and feel a difference right away in the tone and texture of your skin. You will be reducing the number of chemicals you’re putting into your body and we all want that.

​ - Melissa, CEO


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