At Lotta Organics, our mission is to be the trusted brand families know and love for keeping their skin healthy and beautiful by providing the purest organic all-natural skincare products without ever using synthetic ingredients.

Our vision is a healthier planet with healthier families through the use of safe, environmentally-friendly skincare products. 

Lotta Organics is proud to offer the world's purest organic all-natural skincare products. Our company was created after the founders discovered the organic skincare industry allows for manufacturers to label their products as "organic" and "all-natural" even if those products contain relatively high concentrations of potentially harmful synthetic ingredients. This was not ok with us, so we decided to do something about it.


We took a deep look into our favorite brands and many other popular brands only to find that their products contained many synthetic ingredients that have been proven to have toxic effects on the body. We certainly didn't want to expose ourselves and our family to these chemicals, and figured you don't want to be doing so either. So with extensive research and development, Lotta Organics was created. 

You will never find any amount of any potentially harmful synthetic ingredients in any of our products. All of our ingredients are sourced directly from nature. Not only does this make our products safer by eliminating known toxins, our organic all-natural ingredients provide an exceptional quality to our products that creates an amazing feel to the skin and superior efficacy.

Lotta Organics was created with health and safety as top priorities, and the superior quality of our products is the result. We always encourage you to read the labels of your skincare products and research the ingredients. When you realize that anything less than truly 100% all-natural won't suffice, Lotta Organics is here for you!


Hi I am Melissa. I’m a wife, mama, esthetician, and lover of all things natural. I was born and raised in Southern California. Being at the beach, hiking, and practicing yoga are my favorite things to do.


A number of years ago, I discovered that skincare products made of all-natural ingredients were more effective for my skin than those that were not. After personally experiencing such amazing benefits, I was hooked on all-natural skincare products. As my research continued, I learned a lot about what is in traditional skincare products and how toxic they can be. 


As my love for all-natural skincare grew, I enrolled in an esthetician program and got my license. Working in the skincare industry, I realized there are not a lot of truly all-natural skincare product options available. And the ones that are available, are very expensive. So with the love, support, and knowledge of my husband, I decided to create a company that is dedicated to making the best skincare products that are purely all-natural with the best organic ingredients while remaining affordable for all families. I know you and your family will benefit from these products and love them as much as we do.


Hello, I am Eric. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where I studied chemistry and cellular biology before earning my doctor of pharmacy degree and working as a pharmacist. I worked for multiple years in the healthcare field before moving down to Southern California where I ended up meeting my soulmate. We combined each other's expertise and passion for good health to create Lotta Organics.


Being a part of creating this company has not only allowed me to help design organic skincare products that are completely safe and all-natural, it has also given me the opportunity to make superior skincare products that improve the health, appearance, and feel of skin better than other available products. 

~Thank you for your patience while we work to bring you a more pleasurable shopping experience~

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